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Rock Ridge Kennels was established in 1987 by Eugene and Ellen Nesin and opened for business in January 1988. It was started as a full-service pet resort that made Rock Ridge Kennels stand out since day one. When your pet comes and stays at our facility, they are treated exactly like they are a part of the Rock Ridge Kennels Family - in fact, they are treated like royalty. That tradition was carried on when their daughter and son-in-law, Kip and Sheri Bisland bought the business in December of 2009.  With a staff that has more than 50 years of combined experience in animal care, Rock Ridge Kennels continues to maintain that “Full Service” mentality that makes us stand out in the crowd.


When your pet comes to Rock Ridge Kennels, there won’t be any add-ons because we really are full service. If medication is needed, we give it. If someone looks lonely, they get special attention. If someone is bouncing off the walls with excitement, they get extra time outside playing, fetching a ball or whatever is going to make them a happy guest.

Our main mission in this business is to make sure our guests are treated like the royalty they are while the rest of the family gets to enjoy their time knowing their loved ones are in the hands of a professional, loving, caring, clean, warm and safe full-service resort.


Interested in learning more about our facility and what we can do for you? Check out our great boarding amenities your pet is sure to enjoy.

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