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Make sure your pet stays healthy

Providing a healthy environment for your pet

We want your pet to have the most comfortable stay possible, and to help make that happen we require proof of vaccination. Consider it part of your pet's ticket to get into Rock Ridge Kennels. You may bring your paperwork on the day of check-in, but we recommend that you get it to us as soon as possible of by faxing us at 845-791-7450 or by email at

Your cat should be up to date on:

  • Rabies

  • Feline Distemper


Your dog should be up to date on:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper (often called DA2PP or DHLPP)

  • Bordetella (also known as canine cough)*


*If your dog receives an injectable variety, they can board at any time. If your dog receives a nasal or oral variety, we require a 2-week waiting period until your dog can board.

Vaccination requirements

Why contagious diseases are a concern

Just as a child may catch a cold or the flu while attending daycare or school, your pet may catch something at any kennel. And just as a daycare center or school cannot prevent one child from catching a cold from another, a kennel cannot prevent one pet from catching a cold from another. Any place where pets congregate increases your pet’s chance of catching something – kennels, vet offices, dog parks, pet stores, training classes, etc.


With that said, there are many things we do here at Rock Ridge Kennels to try to decrease the chances of your pet becoming ill. We require everyone to show proof of the Bordetella vaccine, and while that vaccine does not guarantee your dog will not contract canine (kennel) cough, it should lessen the severity of the infection.


We immediately isolate any pets that are staying with us, but because of incubation periods (7-10 days), often by the time symptoms start to show other animals have already been exposed and have possibly even gone home.  Also, a certain number of pets that can carry these diseases are asymptomatic and will show no signs at all, but will still transport the disease from dog park to kennel or vice versa.  At Rock Ridge Kennels, we take several steps to try to avoid any spread of sickness. We do not accept any pet that displays any signs of an upper respiratory infection or the flu. We disinfect daily and launder all bedding with bleach. We do everything in our power to ensure your pet a happy and healthy stay.  


While your pet is staying with us, why not consider our grooming services? We offer nail trimming, bathing, haircuts and much more.